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As Covid-19 is still affecting the world, another virus is impacting public health: monkeypox.

Writing for The Conversation, Dr...

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We live, work, rest and play in them, but during the 20th century our cities weren't planned with humans in mind. Now, Professor...

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Emeritus Professor Andy Hall retired from Newcastle University in 2016 following a successful career in haematology and childhood...

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There are numerous reasons for kidney and liver organ failure, which if left untreated is life-threatening. But, often patients...

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Exciting new genetic research has revealed that the Galapagos giant tortoise Chelonoidis phantasticus is not extinct.

Back from...

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We're leading a new alliance of researchers, innovators and manufacturers in the north east of England. Read on to discover how...

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Newcastle Poetry Festival recently enjoyed a successful return to the city. Celebrating the very best in poetry, the outstanding...

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Newcastle University is working to reduce death and injury on our roads through research that’s helping predict collision...

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In our latest blog, Professor Janice McLaughlin outlines how our research and partnerships with disability and carer...

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Dr Claire Stocks explains how a unique video game is transforming how children learn about life on Hadrian’s Wall. 


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Smart water technology has the capacity to save millions of dollars by preventing water damage. Discover how we're working with...

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Rising domestic energy bills will disproportionately impact low-income households. This blog explores why bills are rising and...

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