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Rising domestic energy bills will disproportionately impact low-income households. This blog explores why bills are rising and...

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We’re cracking the problem of vitamin D deficiency in the UK. Discover why you may have spotted our logo on the lid of a box of...

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The UK population is ageing, and an increased lifespan brings new challenges and opportunities to individuals and society.

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One in four people in England are living with multiple long-term health conditions that become more debilitating with age.

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Through the work done at our Biomedical Research Centre, we aim to help people with multiple long-term conditions to age well and...

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In the first of a series about equality, diversity and inclusivity from our energy and engineering colleagues, Dr. Nabila Rufa’I...

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Here are some of the top Newcastle University news stories from 2021, including how our experts have been working hard to improve...

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We’re working with ENGIE Lab in Singapore to explore how smart microgrids can integrate with low-carbon energy generation...

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There has been a dramatic increase in the number of wildfires in the last few years, with severe heat and drought linked to...

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A research project led by Newcastle University will investigate how older people across Europe engage in civic activities. 


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A new study indicates that those living in rural areas will be more likely to face financial hardship after lockdown ends.  


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Seaweed might not be something you instantly think of as clean, but it holds the key to a new laundry product that lowers...

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