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The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the face of working life for many. Changes that are still affecting how we work...

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Discover how Higher and Degree Apprenticeships could be the secret to unlocking your staff’s potential at our next Business...

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Academics from Newcastle and Loughborough Universities have explored the risks posed to children by in-game purchases and have...

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With power-sharing in Northern Ireland stalled, our Professor of Law and Democracy, Colin Murray, recounts his work as part of...

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The transformation of the Stephenson building is creating a home for visionary engineers to work together and create the...

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We all need to be able to trust the financial services we use. But in the age of digital banking and financial technologies or...

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At Newcastle University we're working hard to make a difference and develop solutions to the most pressing problems facing the...

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Over the last four years, the Arrow programme has helped over 150 businesses to step into the future.

From collaborating with...

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Usually, universities are funded through centralised organisations, such as governments and banks. But recently, in what is...

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There are over 7000 recognised rare diseases but only around 5% have an approved treatment available. Professor Wyatt Yue’s team...

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Newcastle University's findings are benefiting people across the globe. 

The World Health Organization has a globally agreed...

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In the ocean’s mysterious hadal zone, extending beyond a depth of 6,000 metres, we’ve found a new snailfish that’s helping...

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